racial justice
Youth fighting for racial justice

At 15: What would you say to teachers about racism?

“When you were 15, what would you have said to your teachers about racism?” This was the question I found myself pondering on a recent afternoon in the basement meeting room of Lewiston Public High School listening to a racial justice presentation from a group of strong, and inspiring young women from the 21st Century after-school program preparing for a workshop with their teachers. These women were about to stand i
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Other people's food

Making the hard choice of curiosity over defensiveness

In one of his podcasts a few months ago Dan Pashman, host of WNYC’s The Sporkful, tried to improve upon Bibimbap by suggesting ways the traditional Korean dish could be jazzed up. While many folks liked his ideas, some found them offensive. As one Korean-American listener put it: It was like Dan was telling his grandmother how to be sexier. Why the pushback? I’d have to say I can understand it. As a perso
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